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Professional Team To Provide Service

According To The Different Needs Of Customers Design Products And Solutions.

Sample Of The Rapid Response Ability

Specification Product 2-3 Days, 7 To 10 Days, New Sample Mould Products 12-15 Days.

Strict Quality Control System

The Concept Of Quality Throughout The Production And Inspection Process, Strict Control Every Procedure, To Guarantee The Quality Of Customer Satisfaction.

Rich Product Types To Choose From

Product Type More Than 1000 Species Of Mold Types Of More Than 100 Sets.

High Precision Testing Instruments

Provide Accurate Close Testing, To Ensure Strict Quality.

Reasonable Cost Control Procedures

Cost Savings, Put An End To Waste, Optimize The Process, Cost Competitiveness.
About us

China permanent ground electronic technology co., LTD., is specialized is engaged in the production of connectors, the main operating pogopin, pogopin connector, antenna thimble, and all kinds of probe and spring plunger is probe of the probe is the most competitive companies in China. Products are widely applied in all kinds of communications, audio-visual, number code electrical appliances (such as mobile phone, TV, tablet PC, game machine, machine learning, etc.), automotive electronics and computer peripheral products.......

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